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Area 12 House in Lilongwe / Malawi

Project information:

Name: Private residence in Area 12


Location: Lilongwe, Malawi


Year: 2004-2009 (two phases)


Financing: Private


Status: Completed


Partners: Axel Kiene (Architect)


tri-lo's contribution: technical drawings and construction supervision



  • Overall: conversion of an existing house and construction of a separate guesthouse

  • Programme: lounges, bedrooms, kitchens, storage rooms, garage, external and landscaping works


Energy efficiency measures:


  • Thermal mass (locally produced earth bricks) to balance internal temperature

  • Clay cooler blocks placed on the roof (shade and thermal insulation)

  • Thermally induced cross-ventilation through fan lights located at split roof level (manually control)

  • Vegetation in the gardens allow for evaporative cooling

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