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Architectural and Infrastructure Development: Design and Supervision

We develop our client's ideas into buildable plans, supervise construction on site and check for faults after completion.

We do this either alone or, if desired, as lead or sub-consultants in collaboration with specialised and experienced engineers, planners and advisors.

In order to offer our clients complete "one-stop" development solutions, we can combine urban planning, architectural services, interior design and engineering with project management.

Our speciality are local, low-tech and low-emission architectural solutions adapted to the context of emerging and developing countries. This we always do with a strong focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and maintenance friendliness. 

Interestingly, sufficiency and sustainability are also gaining importance in developed countries, which means that solutions developed for less affluent regions are gaining global recognition. 

Programme and Project Management

As a development specialist, guiding programme and project teams is one of our core-competencies. We ensure that our partners' and clients' contractual tasks are being delivered correctly, communicate with all stakeholder involved, monitor progress and do the required regular and special reporting. All this, we do with highest standards of professionalism, transparency, integrity, loyalty and confidentiality.

Respecting our partners' and clients' economical interests by only using the available financial and human ressources is of high priority for us. We always strive to implement programmes and projects within the given timeframe and budget.

Partnerships with other companies and institutions that have lasted many years and throughout several programmes and projects are a testimony to our strong client and partner orientated collaboration approach. 

Analysis: Feasibility studies / Evaluations / Surveys

The basis for any sound decision is a good analysis. We do such analysis for public and private clients and deliver the results in form of presentations and comprehensive reports.

Such analysis include: 

  • Feasibility studies: We assist in setting up entire programmes, their components or sub-components, building projects and infrastructure developments.

  • Evaluations: We help to improve programmes and to transparently show results of these, fully (as ex-post evaluations) or partially (as mid-term evaluations)

  • Pre-investment planning exercises: We propose measures and budgets for implementing projects to ensure its sound implementation.

  • Site and building surveys and inspections: We asses and document the technical aspects of buildings and potential construction sites to provide a sound basis for the planning activities.

Short-term expertise / Technical trouble-shooting

If there is a specific technical expertise required that we posses, we are happy to assist you during the course of the programmes and projects you are implementing. We have specific know-how in the field of energy-efficient architecture, sustainable low-tech architectural solutions, KfW-financing mechanisms, and site visits in areas that are culturally sensitive and / or have a safety-critical context.

Our partners particularly appreciate our expertise in technical trouble-shooting in Sub-saharan and Northern Africa, which is based on over 20 years of experience on this continent. 

Technical Training and Sensitisation

Basically all the public architectural and infrastructure developments we accompany have a training component in preventive maintenance to ensure a long life span of the investments through capacity building. We develop the adapted maintenance manuals and, during practical sessions, train the beneficiaries' staff in maintenance procedures.

As part of our project management, we usually train and sensitise project partners in fair and transparent tender procedures and project implementation. We often specifically develop standard documents, guidelines and manuals for this purposes and we use adapted tools, such as KfW's TruBudget (blockchain-based workflow tool for a transparent and collaborative project implementation) and other easy to use, affordable applications.

We also have extensive experience in sensitising vulnerable groups of society on topics such as decentralisation and good governance, upgrading of traditional housing areas and unplanned settlements as well as sustainable and ecologically responsible developments.

Programme Management
Short term expertise
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