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Strengthening Local Governance in Zambia

Project information:

Name: Strengthening Local Governance in Zambia (SLGZ)


Location: Eastern and Southern Provinces, Zambia


Year: 2016 and 2021


Financing: German-Zambian Financial Cooperation through KfW-Entwicklungsbank


Status: Completed


Partners: Christiane Kunze, Nina Boschmann


tri-lo's contribution: Technical expertise during the feasibility studies



Feasibility study as a preparation of follow-up phases of the programme, including 

  • Evaluation of the previous phases

  • Analyzing the project set-up and implementation methodology

  • Surveys of existing infrastructure in the target areas

  • Identifying potential investments and target groups 

  • Identifying opportunities and risks 

  • Assessing environmental and social impact of the projects and proposing mitigation measures

  • Proposals for budget, timeframe and procedures

  • Proposals for project results and indicators

  • General recommendations for implementing the next phase

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