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Support Programme for the Vocational Training Sector in Mauritania (PAFTP)

Project information:

Name: Support Programme for the Vocational Training Sector in Mauretania (PAFTP)


Locations: Nouakchott, Atar, Rosso, Nouadhibou, Belawakh


Year: 2015 to 2024


Financing: German-Mauritanian Financial Cooperation through KfW-Entwicklungsbank


Status: Completed


Partners: GOPA-Infra, Bad Homburg


tri-lo's contribution: Team Leader and Planner of all Infrastructures 2015 to 2018; Technical Support since 08/2018



  • New vocational training centre in Nouakchott,

  • Rehabilitations and extensions in Atar, Rosso and Belawakh

  • Equipment supplies to all centres

  • Site supervision until final reception (buildings and equipment)

  • Maintenance training

  • Training components for teachers and administrative staff

  • New national curricula for selected training programmes

  • Short vocational training programmes with rapid market insertion goal

  • Monitoring of progress and all reporting

Energy efficiency measures:


  • Roofs and walkways shaded by textiles

  • South orientated façades and windows shaded by metal louvres

  • Cross ventilation in all workshops and classrooms

  • Fan lights in classrooms, laboratories and several offices

  • Vegetation for evaporative cooling


  • Solar powered street and security lights, either as individual units or mini-systems

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