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Teacher Training Colleges in Mali

Project information:

Name: IFM Mali / Teacher Training Colleges


Location: Kita and Koutiala, Mali


Year: 2011-2014


Financing: German-Malian Finacial Cooperation through KfW-Entwicklungsbank


Status: Completed


Partners: GITEC Consult (lead), Agetipe-Mali, Ofetoc, Edificare, Sunlabob


tri-lo's contribution: Team Leader and overall coordination in Mali, architectural design and construction supervision, energy efficiency measures, maintenance training



  • Overall: Development of a modular architectural system and construction of two new teacher training colleges with focus on energy efficiency 

  • Room programme: class rooms, library/media centre, multipurpose hall/canteene administration, dormitories,service area, sports facilities

  • Equipment: All furniture, smart boards, IT-equipment, professional kitchen equipment, laboratory and teaching equipment, sports equipment

  • Trainings: Maintenance training (including manual production)


Energy efficiency measures:


  • Stabilised soil bricks as thermal mass to balance indoor temperatures

  • All roofs, windows and main walkways shaded by bamboo mats woven in Mali

  • Fan lights in all larger rooms allow for thermally induced natural ventilation in conjunction with small wall openings and windows

  • Vegetation within the green courtyards allows for evaporative cooling


  • 30kWp photovoltaic system powers all external lights

  • 6kWp photovoltaic system for a borehole related water supply in Kita

  • Evaporative cooling units for the library and teachers' room

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