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FICOL : Technical Assistance to 29 Municipalities in Tunisia 

Project information:

Name: Financing Local Governments (FICOL) Phases I and II


Location: Tunisia


Year: 2018 to 2026


Financing: German-Tunisian Finacial Cooperation through KfW-Entwicklungsbank


Status: Ongoing


Partners: GOPA-Infra, SCET-Tunisie, GOPA GmbH, SWECO, Concept; Implémentation through Caisse des Prêts et de Soutien des Collectivités Locales (CPSCL)

tri-lo's contribution: Programme Management (Team Leader)



Strengthening the decentralisation process in Tunisia through financing investment measures and knowledge transfer for 29 newly created municipalities and 177 existing municipalities

  • Overall: Technical assistance to 206 municipalities Tunisia as well as to CPSCL

  • Assisting in the participatory approach to identify investment priorities

  • Refining the selected project scopes for e.g. public buildings, road and settlement rehabilitations, public commercial and cultural projects and street lighting

  • Funding urban development plans, waste management plans, website development and energy audits for new buildings

  • Assessing environmental and social impact of the projects and proposing mitigation measures

  • Assisting during the tender procedures for services, works and goods

  • Supervising the studies, planning, works and supply of equipment

  • Financial monitoring of the programme

  • Reporting and evaluation of programme objectives and goals 

  • Capacity building through knowledge transfer to municipality staff

  • Compiling standard bidding documents applicable to all Tunisian municipalities' public tendering procedures

  • Creating technical guide books and a maintenance manual for public buildings

  • Developing a digital application to assist municipalities with financial and economic feasibility studies for commercial projects

  • Introduction of TruBudget, a blockchain based workflow tool to guide and monitor programmes

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